Price Match Guarantee

We strive to offer color stones at the best prices - as wholesalers we sell the same prices to our retail jewelry store customers. We want to giver our customers the confidence that they will not find a better price elsewhere. In the rare chance you've found a comparable gemstone for less, fill out and submit our Price Match Form. We will honor the price as long as it fulfills our Best Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions (see below).

Why are Our Prices so Low ?
. Sales Channel Sample Procurement Cost Channel Description
Mining Companies Mining Companies $2,000
Own large mines where "rough" gems are found. Takes workers 1 month many times to find a quality gemstone.
Manufacturing Companies Manufacturing Companies $2,500
Purchase "rough" gemstones directly from mines. Rough is then cut, faceted and polished.
Dealers Dealers $3,000
Purchase from manufacturing companies and stock large inventory of gemstones. Gemstones are sorted into parcels ready to be sold to jewelry stores.
Retail Jewelry Store Retail Jewelry Store $6,000
Jewelry stores typically procure gemstones from dealers. Typical mark-ups are 200-300% their procurement cost.
Customers Customers $15,000 Purchasing with GemsNY can save customers 50-60% off of retail jewelry store prices.
Terms and Conditions
  • Price match only applies to gemstones we sell.
  • Price match guarantee only applies before you purchase from GemsNY
  • In order to price match, items need to be like for like (i.e. quality, shape, treatment)
  • The competing price must be available to any member of the public and cannot be a unique discount.
  • The lower price must remain in effect at the time your request is verified by GemsNY and expired offers are not eligible.
  • If our gem includes a GIA, AGL, Gubelin certificate, the competitors gemstone must include one of these as well
  • Pawn shops and auctions (websites or brick and mortar stores) are not eligible.
  • GemsNY only price matches websites and brick and mortar stores that are based in the USA. International vendors can not be trusted
  • If GemsNY decides to match a competitor's price, we will honor the new price for 48 hours.
  • We reserve the right to: (1) deny requests, (2) modify these terms at any time, and (3) terminate the Best Price Guarantee at any time

If you would like to submit a price match request, please fill out the Price Match Form

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